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In his eighth decade, David Allan has finally returned to the visual arts he left behind over 50 years ago. During this long hiatus, his work in painting and sculpture has been sporadic at best.

David studied Art at the University Of Victoria and graduated with a double Art major in 1967. He had become a teacher after attending

the Provincial Normal School for one year fresh out of High School in 1955. His career in Public Education as teacher, administrator, and innovative leader was continuous from that point forward until his retirement in 1994.

In 1966, He began to turn his focus away from the arts just as he was beginning to be recognized as a potentially significant painter and sculptor. Graduate work focussed on Education especially Community Education. Later he became an award-winning leader in Educational Technology.

Now, he has once again picked up brush and paint. This website will feature both David's current and retrospective work in painting and sculpture. Please browse and enjoy!




24"x 36"

Collage: Graphics and Acrylic on canvas

In the collection of Craig Allan and Erica Wall.

David retains a book of collage renderings he did for Larry Bakke in 1963. "Primal Scream on the Contact page is one of these. The idea for "Source" comes from this book of ideas produced more than 50 years ago.

In the collection of
Lindsay Hewson and Mike Allan.
Nelson B.C.